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Mindful Leadership

You are convinced that Mindful Leadership is more than just the newest trend from the US and you want to transform the leadership model in your agency or company or in your area of responsibility.

Maybe you want to organize thought-provoking impulses for your colleagues and staff or for shareholding partners or other stakeholders.

You see the relevance of new leadership models and possibly share the belief that the success of modern leadership is primarily based on the awareness processes behind the action. And that is why you want to enable or initiate conscious, authentic and creative leadership in your company that benefits your clients and your employees.

Then we should maybe compare and discuss our understanding of Mindful Leadership and its potential in order to find out whether I can support you based on my leadership experience combined with my addititional qualifications in different concepts of mindfulness and as a systemic coach – through coaching, trainings, speeches or a dedicated project aiming fort he implementation of S.M.A.R.T. Leadership.


Trainings and seminars

You know that trainings and seminars are increasing the reach of your commitment to change and can accelerate knowledge transfer. And you maybe want to offer the leadership team in your agency, your company or your area of responsibility opportunities for personal development.

Or you want to establish or anchor the principles of good and mindful leadership or preventative stress management in your company or area of responsibility.

You possibly want to add external knowledge to the financial / commercial function in your agency or corporation – e.g. if it comes to topics like controlling, agency managment, media investment management or the steerage of marketing service providers.

Then I can support you with trainings, seminars, workshops or keynote speeches and help to initiate advancement.

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