Executive Coaching

As an entrepreneur or CEO of your agency or company you are maybe sometimes missing a competent dialogue partner with enough leadership experience for relevant strategic discussions in your direct surrounding of your company. Or you are preparing yourself or your company for important changes and you want constructive support.

Possibly you are working on your personal positionning and perspective and on potential development plans and want some methodical support. Or you are seeking new possibilities to achieve an appropriate work-life balance in spite of your distinguished or exposed professional position.

A transformation of the leadership model or a succession planning in your company or your area of responsibility might as well be a reason to consider a coaching – likewise the consideration to sell or merge your company or a part of it and the wish for confidential support in finding or preparing the right strategy.

Team Coaching

Maybe your agency or your company is confronted with important changes or projects and the responsible team would benefit from external support.

Or you are planning acquisitions or other measures in the area of Mergers&Acquistions in order to create new momentum for your corporate development and you want to strengthen the project team. Possibly your company has to successfully manage the integration – with all the pertinent risks – of an already acquired operation.

Or a project team in your company works with you on the strategic corporate development and you want external support for the team.

These can all be good reasons for a team coaching. Likewise the imminence of important transformation processes and the need to support complex change processes. In all these cases my experience from a multitude of such projects in different corporations and functional areas as well as my additional qualification in systemic change management may help you.

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