Interim Management

There are many situations where bringing in an interim manager might make sense: for your agency or your company: The chair of your CFO might be temporarily vacant and you want to give yourself enough time for a high-quality replacement. Or the growth of your company requires new structures and it is not finally clear yet whether you need a CFO permanently. Maybe your company currently wants to work with an external or part-time CFO, because it might still be too early for a full-time employment.

Project Management

And there are always projects which require strenghtened input of senior commercial or financial expertise: in your agency or your company. This might be an M&A-project, an organisational change or the implementation of a new system. Or you intend to establish a board and want to strengthen the strategic commercial expertise in that committee.


Especially if agencies or companies are to be bought or sold or if you are planning for a merger the internal resources and the existing knowhow might not be sufficient. It might also be that you are intentionally seeking an external sparring partner who helps you to change the perspective and to consider as many imponderabilities as possible in advance. This is even more true for the following integration process which still does not get enough attention in many cases.

In all these situations I can support you with my comprehensive leadership experience on the C-level of both local and international agencies, agency networks andcorporations especially in the field of marketing, communication and media (incl. media investment management).

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